Mixpo: HTML Demo

This project was laid out in Illustrator and animated in Adobe Animate and exported to HTML. At the time of this project, Mixpo was just rolling out support for custom HTML animation in their ad creation platform. I was asked to create a 970×250 Billboard ad unit using an HTML based animation to show current and potential clients the company’s new capabilities.

I was asked to make a simplified version of the “Mixpo in a nutshell” animation on the Mixpo home page. The original animation is a minute-long loop and takes the viewer through a seven step process of creating campaigns, creating ads, and pulling performance data from the Mixpo Platform. I reduced the animation time to 15 seconds to reflect IAB animation standards by simplifying the platform’s usage down to three steps. I made sure to include the screen with the client services icon on it, since excellent client service is one of Mixpo’s selling points.

Instead of looping, I wanted the animation to end on the Mixpo logo so that the viewer was reminded of the brand, and also include a CTA of “Learn More” to entice the viewer to clicking through on the ad. The photo used in the background is the hero image from the company website. I chose it because it has a lot of the same colors as the icons from the animation.

This project was challenging, not only because I had to figure out how to reduce 1 minutes worth of content down to 15 seconds, but also because the HTML animation creation process was totally new to me. Luckily, I was able to re-arrange my schedule of other work, so that I had a whole day to dedicate specifically to this project, so I could learn as I worked. I firmly believe that one of my strengths is how quickly I learn, and this project is a demonstration of that.


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