Watch with a Tail

This is an animation I did for an introductory animation class. I’ve always thought that watches looked a bit like creatures, especially watches on a chain. To me, the clock face is a bit like the face of a creature, and the chain reminds me of a tail, so I tried to make the watch move like it is a creature with a tail.


The Sleeping Creature

This is the final version of the little grey creature. In this version, I made it so that the character was performing one emotive and expressive action, rather than several different emotionally neutral movements. At first I considered making him angry or frustrated by the viewer’s presence, but realized that a negative reaction from the creature would make the viewer less likely to keep looking, so I decided to make him cute and friendly instead. The final product was a creature that awakes from a nap, is curious to see the viewer watching, but is comfortable enough being watched to go back to sleep.