Creature- Take 1

This is a test animation I made for a creature that I used in one of my projects senior year. I originally intended for this piece to be interactive in the sense that the viewer would need to feel some kind of emotional need to take care of this creature. The video here shows the creature examining the viewer and chewing. I also tried to show the creature becoming less groomed and mangier, hoping that the viewer would want to groom the creature themselves. This is not the animation I ended up using for the project.


The Deep: The Book

The Deep: The Book

This is a photo book project I created for a digital media class. I had been working a lot with an underwater theme that semester, and wanted to continue to work along those lines for this project. At that time I had read about a number of different unknown underwater sounds recorded by NOAA, and was thinking about underwater beasts and about the strange creatures that live in deep ocean. As I stated in my post about the whale shark, I wanted to write a narrative about an underwater explorer, so I ended up writing a short fictional journal for a deep sea explorer and their homemade submarine. 


The Deep: A Whale Shark

The Deep: A Whale Shark

The whale shark was the animal that originally gave me the idea for “The Deep” because I read that whale sharks are very docile sharks, and that sometimes scuba divers can grab onto their dorsal fins and go for a ride. That nugget of knowledge made me want to write a story about an underwater adventure.


This is a short animation that I did to practice different kinds of motion. I was experimenting with creating different characters through the character’s movement, rather variations of form. Although they are not are more abstract in form, I think of these characters as types of insects. For example, I like to think of the purple spikes as ants.

Sand Animation-With Trees!

This is a piece I created for my first animation class. I put sand on a light box, and swept away small amounts of sand for each frame. Trees are one of my favorite things to doodle, especially in silhouette. I like them because most people recognize trees right away, even if I have only drawn a series of lines of different widths.